noun \ˈga-lə-ˌvan-triks\ : a female who travels to many different places for pleasure

I like to travel, whether its to the park down the street or to the ancient ruins across the world. This blog was started in 2014 as my life and career came together to afford me the opportunity to combine work and pleasure. I like to talk about different aspects of travel and adventure, preparing, experiencing and reflecting, the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly, the mundane and exotic.

Sometimes, I will post every week, and sometimes I may not have any adventures to share for a while, but I’m always looking for one, so it won’t take too long.

I write stories told across a mini-series of anywhere from two to twenty posts. A single post is like a single chapter of a book, it rarely tells the whole tale. The primary goal of my blog is storytelling with a side of useful or interesting information.

I like to provide research links, mini-lessons and other things that can help my readers get a good perspective on the experience, and I welcome questions, information and other perspectives. If I make a mistake, or you want to share your own insight, please let me know in a courteous way (insulting comments won’t be shared, guys).

My stories are a mainly combination of journaling for myself and letting my friends and family live vicariously through me as I take on adventures; however, I welcome strangers and future friends, and I hope you all get some combination of education and entertainment from my efforts.

Thank you for joining me on my journey ❤

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